Aha’s top trending romantic comedy web series – commitment

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Aha's top trending romantic comedy web series - commitment

Romantic comedy web series are rare, and makers rarely dare to put them before the audience. Although the Telugu film industry has made several movies on couples having long-distance relationships, they have highlighted numerous aspects. Some of them were engaging & highly engrossing, while some failed to entertain the audience. But one of the web series that is at the top and receiving immense love & appreciation from the audience is commitment. Let’s see what colour and flavours it has. There are many Telugu webseries online on aha app.

Commitment is a remake of the original Hindi web series permanent roommates. The story of a long-distance relationship couple is beautifully narrated in 5 episodes. The series follows the story of Anu and Phani, who share three years of a long-distance relationship. The twist comes in the series when Anu’s overeager long-distance boyfriend gives a surprise by returning to India from The USA and proposes to her for marriage. Anu is not ready for marriage asks for suggestions from her roommate, and due to her unwillingness and thought that a guy barely knows her, she refuses to marry him. AT a point, they both decide on a compromise and move in together initially, and if things go well, they can match. With so many ups and downs, and Anu’s premarital pregnancy turns everything around, they plan to get married with unforeseen consequences. The first episode, ‘The Proposal,’ shows how Phani returns and proposes Anu. Anu is still confused to accept or refuse it. The second episode, ‘The room,’ is about a discussion with Anu’s father. The rest of the three episodes, ‘ The couple,’ ‘The Surprise,’ and ‘The agreement,’ have taken the series very well and continued to entertain, but the last episode does not end with a happy conclusion to the audience.

The series can make you remember of so many ill effects any couple faces in a long-distance relationship. This series is so fun to watch and will bring a smile to your face when you watch each episode throughout. The episodes are worth appreciating.

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