Can you drink Ergothioneine powder?

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Can you drink Ergothioneine powder?

Ergothioneine is an amino acid that is present mainly in red and black beans, as well as mushrooms. It is also present in animals which have eaten ergothioneine-containing grasses. Often, ergothioneine is used as a drug.

For joint pain, liver damage, cataracts, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes , heart disease, wrinkles, and other disorders, people use ergothioneine, although there is no good clinical evidence to support these applications.

Uses of Ergothioneine powder

Some evidence indicates that a reduced risk of heart failure and death from heart disease is associated with higher levels of ergothioneine in the blood. But it is not clear if it would avoid heart failure or death by consuming more foods containing ergothioneine or taking ergothioneine supplements.

  • Prevents from pressure in the joint.
  • Treats and protects cardiovascular disease
  • Saves from damages to the liver.
  • Helps in curing cataract
  • Alzheimer’s condition.
  • Preventing diabetes.
  • Preventing wrinkles when added to the skin and reducing the symptoms of ageing.

How much Ergothioneine powder is good for health?

The sufficient dose of Ergothioneine powder depends on a variety of factors , including the age, health and many other conditions of the patient. There is insufficient clinical evidence to determine the optimal range of doses for ergothioneine at this time.

Keep in mind that not always are natural products inherently safe and dosages may be essential. Be sure to follow the required product label instructions and contact your pharmacist or doctor or other healthcare professional before using them.


If you are planning to start on with the dosage of Ergothioneine powder then you must talk to your doctor first. You need to be sure that there is nothing in the ingredients that can give you an allergy. After being safe and sure about the use, you must begin with the treatment.