How to download and install Elementor Pro?

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How to download and install Elementor Pro?

If you want to create your own website or if you are a web-designer at front-end by profession, Elementor is an effort for making web design very fast, easy, and high intuitive. Test Elementor is a plugin that was created for free as a trial version. Elementor web page building tool was made by a very active community and a user-friendly interface and this tool were available today on the internet. This allows you to create a modern-looking, responsive, and engaging blog or web page even without having coding skills, and here you can create a good looking page with minimal effort.

Steps for downloading and installing Elementor Pro

Before installing the Elementor plug-in, first, you have to check whether your website has the required features for running the Elementor plug-in without any issues. Check whether your website server is running with PHP 7 or higher version and if your website is running with the older version of PHP you have to ask the hosting providers for getting the up-to-date latest version. Check whether your website server is running with WordPress version 4.7 or higher, MySQL 5.6 version or higher or as an alternative to MySQL you can have MariaDB version 10.0 or with a higher version.

The memory of WordPress limit should be at least 128 MB to 256 MB or higher for having increased performance. For editing the pages, you have to use only Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome browser and these plug-in supports only desktop computers.

Download the Elementor plug-in and you can also use test elementor where you can enjoy 30 days’ trail for free. In the WordPress dashboard find the plug-in and choose the option ‘Add new’ and then choose the file on the Elementor page. Here the Elementor plug-in will install and you can start to use test elementor.