What kind of Electric Bike Rack Would You Choose

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What kind of Electric Bike Rack Would You Choose

The electric bike continues to increase its popularity. Besides, it attracts both cycling enthusiasts and novices. Thanks to him, pedaling becomes simpler, faster. However, e-bikes, which are heavier than conventional bikes, can appear more cumbersome and more complicated to store. However, it is enough to have the correct storage. Here are some practical tips for storing your pedelec.

The ceiling support for VAE

Range vélo au plafond charge lourde pour VAE The ceiling bike rack is a safe and efficient way to store your pedelec in an apartment without clutter. Some are specially designed for heavy loads or pedelecs and can support up to 57 kg of load. To be installed on the ceiling, it allows you to store your bike without losing space on the ground and very easily thanks to a pulley system. The use for the indoor bike racks review comes perfect for the proper choice now.

For optimal safety, it has a locking system so that the bike remains securely attached to the ceiling without risk.

One of the simplest ways to store your pedelec is the floor rack . Designed for 1 place or able to accommodate several bikes, the floor racks have the advantage of being practical and easily installable. Thanks to high / low bearings, you can store your pedelecs next to each other without the handlebars interfering. You can use it to store your bike in your garage, in a room or even in a business.

The crutches

In addition to the floor storage, the bicycle rack will be useful for keeping your pedelec in an upright position. Whether stored in your garage or during stops on the road. For electrically assisted bikes, which are much heavier than conventional bikes, we recommend that you choose a rack specially designed to support heavy loads.

The side rack for heavy loads

The cyclotourisme side rack is designed to support heavy or loaded bikes. It is particularly recommended for people who are used to cycling tours. It is therefore very suitable for pedelecs.

  • Very solid and robust, it is made of aluminum, a resistant material which allows it to support heavy bikes and keep them in an upright position when stationary.
  • It is compatible with bikes whose brake and derailleur cables pass where it attaches because it has two gutters specially designed to let the wires pass.

In addition to storage, there are now accessories also designed for electric bikes , whether helmets, locks or repair equipment.